Some tips to consider to look for the wedding venue in Delhi

Every single one of us plans for a grand and lucrative wedding, which gets recalled by the guests year after year. But in order to execute such a wedding, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of and to be managed. There are multiple things such as catering, music, bridal makeup, dresses, venue, decoration and other things, which we need to put together. One of the most important ingredients to make a wedding spectacular is to find a perfect place for carrying out that event. Finding a prefect wedding venue is easier said than done. You have to consider hundreds of options and then you have to decide and choose a nice perfect wedding venue for your big day which also suits your pocket.

There are such 5 Star Hotels in Delhi NCR, which present you with a lot of elegant and luxurious options for the wedding venues and destinations that will definitely make your wedding a worth memorable event. If you are looking for an unflawed venue for your wedding, the first thing that you should look for is that the venue must be able to handle and accommodate a large number of guests who will be attending all the ceremonies. After all of that, the wedding venue must possess all kinds of modern amenities and necessities that are important to bring out best level of comfort to the guest.

The accessibility of venue is also one of the many important things that should be considered before deciding the venue. The venue must be situated at such a place that guests could easily reach and they can find it without loitering here and there. If you want to look for the perfect Wedding Venues in East Delhi for your wedding, then you can look for the detailed list of 5 star banquet halls here at Delhi Wedding Venue, which has to present you with a plethora of impeccable options that are best for making your big day even more special day of your life.

Wedding Planners Arrange Top Food Caterers for your wedding party


The wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life. On the wedding day, the bride, groom as well as members of their family try to make everything as perfect as possible. Whether it is the wedding cake or the food for the guests, it is important to make sure that you get the best service as possible. Having a good caterer at the wedding is really important so that all the important people at the wedding have a great time and enjoy a great meal. Hiring professional wedding caterers means that you will have a much beautiful wedding and your family will also not have to worry about preparing or serving food. But, how do you go about finding the best caterers for your wedding day? Let us find out.

All wedding venues do not have their own caterers. Moreover, there are some wedding venues in Chattarpur which do have wedding caterers and they will not allow you to hire your own caterers. For this reason, it is important that you find about all this when you are searching for the wedding venue. If you are told that they have their own caterers, you must find out what type of food they serve. You must only hire those caterers if you are satisfied with the meal they serve. If there are no caterers available at the wedding venue, make sure you look around and hire the best caterers to make your wedding even more special.

Ask your friends and families for recommendations. If you had recently attended someone’s wedding or reception and you found that the food was great, you can always ask them about the caterers they hired. Try to get as much information about them as possible and contact them so you can also arrange for your big day.

If you have located some caterers on your own, you must contact them and arrange for food tasting. There are many professional catering companies available and these days, they also have websites. If you are looking to find wedding caterers in your location, you can simply search on the internet with the relevant keywords. For example, if you are looking for caterers in Delhi, you can simply type “caterers in Delhi” in the search box and obtain a list of caterers available in your area.

Once you have located a number of them, contact them and get more information about their services, menus, costs, etc. You definitely want your guests to enjoy the meal and have a good time at the wedding so make sure to hire caterers who can offer the best service.

Make your wedding ‘designer’ with customized solutions from wedding planners


Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR

Practically every individual long for having a fable wedding, straight from the shiny pages of wedding magazines. In any case, not many of them have this blessing from heaven. Be that as it may, in the event that you wish to have a extravagant wedding, you should employ an expert wedding organizer who can orchestrate everything for you, from wedding venue to caterer.

In the case that you are living in Delhi, then finding an expert wedding organizer is not intense, but rather you should guarantee that the specialist co-op can deal with every one of the courses of action, without making any chaos. Clearly, you don’t need your big day to be ruined at any cost. Proficient wedding planner has the skill of making all wedding game plans as per the inclination of their customer. You’ve to just disclose to them your financial plan, no. of wedding visitors and your venue inclinations; they will choose the best place for your “D” day.

Delhi has a wide range of venues for wedding, from outdoor resorts to lavish hotels; henceforth the wedding organizer counsel with you about your area inclination and spending plan, so that a reasonable setting can be chosen. The final venue will be settled just when you agree to it, after few visits. Thus, the enhancement and wedding subject is additionally chosen post counsel with the customer. Proficient and experienced wedding organizers know how to make recollections out of an occasion.

As per food is concerned, the wedding planners take good care of customer’s food preferences. The planner usually arranges and meeting between customer and the caterer so that both can understand each other’s choices. Food is indeed the central part of any event, hence from decoration of food counters to the range of dishes, should be customized as per the party and guests. Wedding planners in Delhi NCR understand the choice of the Delhi customers hence they only call the selected vendors for every deal.

Delhi Wedding Venues is the main name in Delhi. The specialist co-op has a specialist group to deal with all the large and in addition little courses of action identified with a wedding. They are talented in masterminding a wide range of weddings, going from little spending weddings to rich tall tale weddings. Their style of working is interesting and consumer loyalty is their primary point. The administrations they give are doing the-stamp and commonly tweaked to suit the Indian customers. Besides, they can mastermind eminent weddings for the NRIs. Beginning from the setting till the sustenance courses of action, each administration offered by them is unbeatable. Delhi Wedding Venues is a specialist in the wedding business since they have faith in giving individual touch to each occasion they mastermind.

Choose a Perfect Venue For Your Big Day!


We are going to talk about Indian weddings here and you all know that the word ‘grand’ always comes before the word ‘wedding’ here. No matter what it takes, we always look for a grandeur wedding and we do it because after all it is well said that we only get married once. We all get pretty excited about the ceremonies, dance, theme, pictures etc and it becomes a pompous occasion for us. The choices of decorations, type of fabrics, flowers, makeup, entertainment, ceremonies, food, drinks etc; all are made according to the preferences of the couple. Everybody wants to make their wedding memorable and they all work according to their limits to ensure that it happens. But to execute everything perfectly is not possible by a single person. It would take a whole parade to carry out every single thing perfectly and that is wedding planners in Delhi are here to help you out.

The very first step of making a wedding grand is to make the right choice of the venue. Only a suitable venue will help you in executing your plans properly without any chaos and without any congestion. Now there are a lot of venues available but how would you choose one venue to make your wedding extravagant and extraordinary? Now there are a lot of Wedding Venues in Vaishali Vasundhara and wedding venues in south Delhi on which you can also get the best deals and offers. These wedding venues include exotic, luxurious and such sites that will totally suit your needs and it will make your big day splendid and spectacular. The fine banquet halls, lawns for party etc will just make your day the best memory of all time.

These wedding planners will not leave any stone unturned to make your wedding day worth remembering. Along with providing you a perfect venue, there are also other services that come in handy if you get in touch with the wedding planners in Delhi. They will give you all kinds of services that will make your day even more spectacular…

Tips to select wedding venues in Delhi NCR | South Delhi | East Nelhi

To orchestrate an excellent wedding which is one of the most memorable days of your life, it is not necessary that it should be executed in the most costly way. There are a lot of choices that individuals can opt which are accessible in their restricted budget plan. Venues and caterers for your wedding day can be chosen in both ways, expensive or pocket friendly way. By doing some additional exploration and investing additional exertion, you can organize a huge wedding venue for a small amount of money. Despite the fact that there are certain areas where it would appear to be hard to reduce costs like garments, jewelry, salon costs and a other more costs. However, you could consider approaches to save some cash on wedding venues. A wedding venue is a fundamental piece of your wedding and choosing a venue can be an overwhelming work for couples in the case that they have to arrange their wedding in a given budget plan.

In such situation where you know all your needs have to be fulfilled under a given amount, then you have to ensure that the wedding venue you select offers all sorts of amenities amid the whole function.

Here are a few tips that could help you select Wedding Venues in South Delhi in a budgetary imperative: –

 Plan your finances – During the era of soaring prices, many individuals are reluctant to burn through cash on their weddings. In any case, who says that you can’t plan your wedding by spending your cash reasonably on your special day. Continuously arrange your financial plan in the event that you don’t have the privilege to burn through cash unreasonably and ensure in the wake of deciding your financial plan, you put aside an amount if an occurrence of crisis arises!

There is no disgrace in making an inquiry – While picking a wedding venue, ensure that you ask your companions and associates in the best way to choose a wedding venue that goes under your given budget plan. They probably could have gone through a similar circumstance while arranging their very own wedding.

Use the Internet – You could visit sites that could help you analyze and choose the venue reasonable as indicated by your necessities. Other than this, you could simply search out surveys of the recent marriages in the review segment to know how the venue was and what did they offer to their clients.

Visit the venue – While picking a venue, ensure the services accessible by going to them before deciding about any further choices. On your visit, ensure that the wedding decorators or wedding caterers in delhi are willing to offer you exclusive services after the budget dictated by you.

No shame in bartering – There is no damage in dealing with the owner of the venue, after all it is your hard earned money that you must spend well.

Wedding Caterers in Delhi
Wedding Caterers in Delhi

Few Tips to Have a Fully Managed Event with a Wedding Planner


Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR

Trend of considering wedding planners an extravagance for the affluent as well as a big name is passé. As of late if you are engaged, or even soon to get married and need a little help, here is a sensible and genuine solution for finding that unique individual who can let you have your wedding in style.Here are some cues you require NOW:

  • Talk to family and friends, vendors and take a gander at websites and locales that you trust. Ask proposals from the planners. Plan meetings with no less than three very screened experts/organizers subsequent to looking at their sites and seeing their work.
  • As yourself, do you like their style (of behavior, dress, association)? Does he or she make you feel relaxed during wedding arrangements? Assuming this is the case, that is a decent sign you’ll have a successful event.
  • How long has he/she been doing business? What number of weddings has he/she executed? Taking a class in wedding arranging does not make a wedding organizer, either. You need to ensure your organizer has done no less than 50 weddings. A decent dependable guideline is likewise no less than three years in business.
  • Do they have an assortment of approaches to arrange, for example, full-benefit? Is it accurate to say that they are reachable amid most business hours and some nightfall? Organizers live on their cell phones so that should have instant messaging and email too.
  • Great wedding organizers will likewise deal with all arrangements apart from the ‘D’ day.
  • Money talks – less expensive is never better with wedding organizers. An awesome wedding organizer will pay for him or herself given they have the associations with all the best vendors. Like, if you are in Delhi, the planner must arrange for best wedding decorators in Delhi and wedding caterers in Delhi.
  • Does he/she rapidly give you references, an arrangement of activity, a framework of his/her administrations that is fresh, proficient and stylishly satisfying?

If all above points are fulfilled, you must hire that planner instantly. Delhi Wedding Venue is good for you if you need 5 Star Hotels in Delhi NCR.

Wedding Decorators in Delhi
Wedding Decorators in Delhi
Wedding Caterers in Delhi
Wedding Caterers in Delhi
5 Star Hotels in Delhi NCR
5 Star Hotels in Delhi NCR

Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR are Perfect for Hosting Awesome Weddings

Being the capital of India, New Delhi is among the most supported marriage venues in India. Various wedding planners help customers to arrange weddings in the city. The connectivity of capital city, with remote urban areas is great. Delhi/NCR has some top-class banquet halls and hotels that can manage the cost of extravagant weddings. A decent number of venues for arranging weddings on restricted conditions are likewise accessible in Delhi.

Delhi has a decent number of Weddings Planners in India who can plan unmistakable plans of weddings. In any case, setting is the most noteworthy part of weddings, and the article subtle elements a portion of the dazzling weddings areas in Delhi.

  • Banquet halls: Banquets make for terrific wedding event settings. On the off chance that venues are embellished with classy furniture and decorations, covers and mirrors, then they look glorious. The more seasoned the hall, the better. Parties in banquet halls can be gone to by enormous families, couples and companions. The halls that are utilized as gathering settings are for the most part joined to sprawling open areas where buffet meals and grills can be facilitated under a starry night sky. Budget as well as star banquet halls exist in plenty at opulent South Delhi and different parts of the city. Wedding venues in South Delhi offers all types of facilities needed for a grand wedding.
  • Lawns: Gardens/lawns as such are dazzling wedding venues. Huge gatherings are facilitated in parks and gardens that have sprawling landscapes. Outdoor wedding venues are extremely well known in the city amid each season and now they are facilitated in all the real urban communities of the world. Very much kept up lawns are an unquestionable requirement host for garden wedding. Lawn weddings mean a romantic event for many couples as the gathering is normally held under a starry sky. Families and companions can all appreciate celebrating in such wide-open spots. The food serving is also lavishly done in the lawns as the area is huge. Garden type wedding venues in Delhi NCR are available in plenty.
  • Hotels: When investigating wedding venues, star hotels can never be overlooked. Hotels fill in as the areas for each kind of gathering. Weddings of all budgets can be held at hotels. In the event that you need to have a capacity on a substantial scale, you need to book an expansive hotel hall. A little gathering can be facilitated in a little hall of the hotel. Hotels make for superb gathering areas as they offer numerous services in a single package.

However, if you wish to take professional services while booking a wedding venue, you can hire experts from Delhi Wedding Venues.

Wedding Planner – A Crucial Aspect of a Blissful and Pious Wedding

If we think about the emergence of the wedding planners in Delhi NCR, we could say that nuclear families are probably the reason. Yes, when joint families used to prevail in our country, there was enough manpower to handle the wedding arrangements, but as nuclear families are emerging, people don’t have time and enough hands to accomplish all tasks. Hence, few entrepreneurial minds have encashed the idea and they took this opportunity to look after the wedding arrangements.

The wedding planning business is a low-entry venture, most organizers ventured into it making it a 360-degree successful circumstance for both buyers and organizers. The wedding organizers got the matter of nuclear families and consequently offered their professional advice, direction and labour to guarantee a smooth and impeccable occasion.

Indians have customarily been high spenders with regards to weddings. Not at all like the west where individuals take after a more business-like approach with regards to spending at such occasions. For Indians, an extreme wedding is an image of wealthand a way toshow-off one’s riches. Wedding organizers do lively business in Delhi, given the high centralization of Punjabis in the city who have customarily been high spenders with regards to the weddings of their kids.

Wedding organizers help their customers to redirect their assets wisely in order to have the correct effect on their business associates and relatives. From venue setting to the decision of caterer, including adornment, photography, transport and post/pre-wedding activities, and these organizers will do everything for you as an end-result of an affordable expense.

As the venue is concerned, Delhi hosts a large number of wedding venues, starting from budget destinations to swanky farmhouses. Delhi is wide and this is the reason that the it has venues, within the city and at the outskirts of the city. However, finding the right venue as per the size of your wedding party and budget is a tedious task. Wedding planners save you from this headache.

Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

Apart from venue, food arrangement and serving is the one crucial aspect of every wedding. All marriage venues don’t have their own particular cooks. In addition, there are some places, which do have wedding food providers and they won’t permit you to contract your own cooks. Therefore, it is critical that you find about this when you are looking for the Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR. But wedding planners make it easy for you. You should simply to unwind and engage your visitors while they deal with the rest!


For a ‘Memorable’ Wedding, Hire Professional Wedding Planner

wedding planner in Delhi NCR
wedding planner in Delhi NCR

Almost every individual dream of having a fairy tale wedding, straight from the glossy pages of designer wedding magazines. But very few of them have this dream come true. However, if you wish to have a lavish wedding, you must hire a professional wedding planner in Delhi NCR who can arrange everything for you, from venue to catering.

If you are living in Delhi, then finding a professional wedding planner is not tough, but you must ensure that the service provider is able to handle all the arrangements, without creating any mess. Obviously, you don’t want your wedding day to be spoiled at any cost. Professional wedding planners have the knack of making all wedding arrangements according to the preference of their client. You’ve to only tell them your budget, no. of wedding guests and your venue preferences; they will select the best place for your ‘D’ day.

Delhi has all kinds of wedding venues, from budget banquet halls to 5 start banquet halls in Delhi NCR; hence the wedding planner consult with you about your area preference and budget wedding locations in Delhi, so that a suitable venue can be selected. The venue will be finalised only when you approve, after few visits. Similarly, the decoration and wedding theme is also selected post consultation with the client. Professional and experienced wedding planners know how to create memories out of an event.

Delhi Wedding Venues is the leading name in Delhi. The service provider has an expert team to handle all the big as well as small arrangements related to a wedding. They are skilled in arranging all types of weddings, ranging from small-budget weddings to lavish fairy tale weddings. Their style of working is unique and customer satisfaction is their main aim. The services they provide are up-to-the-mark and typically customized to suit the Indian clients. Furthermore, they can arrange magnificent weddings for the NRIs. Starting from the venue till the food arrangements, every service offered by them is unsurpassed. Delhi Wedding Venues is an expert in the wedding industry because they believe in giving personal touch to every event they arrange.

Playful Rajasthani Wedding With Bursts of Colour!

Pure Rajasthani fun – that’s the reason we loved this wedding. It was unapologetically quirky with fun umbrellas, funky Mehendi decor, a kitschy pool party and a sophisticated English do and finally, a traditional and glam wedding. To weave so many ideas into one wedding is not easy but the bride and groom pulled it off with aplomb and managed to make us all smile. Photography by Happy Frameswas a beautiful addition to this picture-perfect wedding. Plus, the bride and groom designed their own outfits, how cool is that?

“We both met at a wedding. It was a typical Hum Apke Hai Kaun set-up. Giggles, smiles and laughs… I always wanted my story to be very filmy and thankfully, my story to me felt no less than a Bollywood masala film!” says Apurva.

The Mehendi



1463055103_Mehendi_LR_with_w_51463055104_Mehendi_LR_with_w_11 1463055091_Mehendi_LR_with_w_28   1463055102_Mehendi_LR_with_w_24 1463055108_Mehendi_LR_with_w_42     1463055114_Mehendi_LR_with_w_26 1463055125_Mehendi_LR_with_w_35   1463055095_Mehendi_LR_with_w_44 1463055108_Mehendi_LR_with_w_33 1463055136_Mehendi_LR_with_w_49 1463055551_Mehendi_LR_with_w_144 1463055636_Mehendi_LR_with_w_72 1463055637_Mehendi_LR_with_w_75 1463055546_Mehendi_LR_with_w_79 (1)    1463055554_Mehendi_LR_with_w_73 1463055559_Mehendi_LR_with_w_71

The Cocktails / Beach Party

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The Wedding

1463230960_wedding_LRs_261463230989_wedding_LRs_143 1463230976_wedding_LRs_118 1463231021_wedding_LRs_62 1463230962_wedding_LRs_811463230969_wedding_LRs_6